Traditional Baking Recipes of Spain

Author: Malcolm Coxall
ISBN: 978-84-945305-5-5 and e-ISBN: 978-84-945305-4-8
Formats: eBook, Kindle, Apple, Paperback
Pages: 498
Published 2018

Spanish baking is unique within Europe – the result of Spain’s long, dramatic history, extraordinary geography, climate and a position at the crossroads of Africa and the Middle East. Thus it reflects the many cultures that thrived in Spain over the centuries. We have Celtic flatbreads baked over a campfire by shepherds, honey-soaked fritters from the Caliphate of Baghdad, delicate baking recipes v3-very small websitepastries created by Spanish chefs for the Imperial families of Europe and much, much more.

Moreover, Spanish baking in the Middle Ages became the main influence on bakery in the rest of Europe. The Moors and Jews of Spain brought much of what we now take for granted in European bakery. Sugar, vanilla, almond, citrus and a wealth of spices are just a few of the ingredients they introduced. They brought baked pies, sponge cake, and almost all modern pastry types to Spain. Many of these innovations live on in modern Western bakery. And then, of course, the Spanish discovery of “the Americas” brought yet another wave of new baking materials and techniques to Spain and Europe.

So this isn’t just a book of traditional baking recipes but a fascinating cultural and culinary history of Spain. The history is intriguing and the recipes are delicious. We hope you will enjoy both!

For this traditional collection of recipes we have divided the book into the following chapters:

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • 1.1 A History of Baking in Spain
  • 1.2 The Role of Baking in Spanish Society
  • 1.3 Categories of Bakery and Confectionary in Spain
  • 1.4 Traditional Ingredients, Flours, and Doughs
  • The Recipes
    • 2.1 Breads
    • 2.2 Sweet Biscuits
    • 2.3 Sweet Pastries and Cakes
    • 2.4 Savoury Pastries, Empanadas, and Pies
    • 2.5 Confectionary and Sweets
    • 2.6 Baked Desserts and Puddings
    • Index of Recipes – Spanish Names
    • Index of Recipes – English Names

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