Our Specialities

Cornelio Books has 4 main areas of interest in terms of publication:image-website

  • Technology and Human Design
  • Environment and Sustainability
  • Living and Lifestyle
  • Contemporary Politics and Sociology

This encompasses a huge range of subjects including topics like database design, natural history, traditional cookery, environmental politics, sustainability, farming and much, much more.

You may wonder why we chose this particular set of interests? The answer is that these are the subjects which we find most important in our contemporary landscape. In fact, in this little group of topics, there is indeed a world of vital issues for modern society.

Our key objective as a publisher is to provide a platform for the publication of books that specialise in subjects within these general topics but which may not have the mass-market “wow” appeal demanded by modern consumer literature and the “popular presses”.

And therefore, Cornelio Books offers the possibility for highly specialised publication to authors who may not otherwise reach the public. We do this using the latest technology available to us – eBooks, and Print on Demand systems.



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