Oracle Quick Guides 1

Oracle Basics: Database & Tools

Author: Malcolm Coxall, Editor: Guy Caswell
ISBN: 978-8494085345
Formats: EBook, Kindle, Paperback
Pages: 85
Published: 2013

This is Part 1 of a series of quick learning guides for Oracle designers,developers and managers. Part 1 introduces completely new entrants to the Oracle environment about Relational

Oracle Quick Guides Volume 1

principles and history, the background of Oracle, the products, database architecture, installation, Oracle and 3rd party database and design tools and provides a glossary of basic Oracle terminology and simple explanations of their meaning. These guides are designed to rapidly deliver key information about Oracle to the following audience groups:

  • Project Managers, Team Leaders, and Testers who are new to Oracle and need rapid access to strategic information about the Oracle development environment.
  • Business Analysts, Designers and Software developers who are new to Oracle and need to make a first step in gaining a detailed understanding of the design and development issues involved in Oracle.

Part 1 assumes that the reader has no knowledge of Oracle whatsoever. The contents of Part 1 include the following subject headings:

Preface and Audience
1. Oracle – A Brief History.
2. Relational databases: – An introduction.
3. How relational databases impact software development.
4. Basic descriptions of Oracle products.
5. The Oracle database architecture.
6. Tools: Oracle’s own design / development tools.
7. Implementing Oracle DB and Oracle tools – Overview.
8. Various 3rd Party Tools: Quick review.
9. Glossary of Terms.
10. Other sources of information.

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